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Monday, June 11, 2007


Austin Stevens Tour Part 2 !
Here we have Austin during his signing at Rainforest Reptiles in Hazelfield Garden World, Newent. Thanks to everyone there for a great day so check out www.hfgc.co.uk for more info as well as the feature in The Forester newspaper on www.theforester.co.uk. We also have a pic of austin in the blazing Bristol sun during the Festival of Nature the following weekend where once again the crowd were wowed by the appearance of "George", another albino python, this time kindly provided by Pete & the gang at The Reptile Zone in Bristol. Visit www.reptile-zone.co.uk for more pics on their site from the signing there - also to be found on video at www.youtube.com.

Here's to the next book & tour with Austin!!


Well... the moment finally arrived, and before an expectant audience of over 200, The Last Snake Man tome from Noir Publishing was launched by Austin Stevens himself on the Segovia stage at the 2007 Hay Festival. After an enthralling interview conducted by Hannah Rothschild, the "Snakemaster" duly lived up to his sobriquet by introducing a gorgeous albino python and a decidedly smaller boa constrictor to the crowd! Having seen that no one was being eaten (!) there was an avalanche of volunteers rushing to the stage to "press the flesh" so to speak. The pics show Austin, Paul & Chris from Rainforest Reptiles ably wrangling the serpents. If you would like to hear the interview in full then you can download it from the Hay Festival website for a small sum - it would be rude not to eh?!! Visit www.hayfestival.com/archive/details_164.aspx. You can also see more images from the Rainforest Reptiles signing the next day in the Austin Stevens Tour part 2 blog.


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