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Friday, January 30, 2009


Next Noir Release - The Golden Labyrinth - The Unique Films of Guillermo del Toro

The Golden Labyrinth is the first comprehensive study of the films of Guillermo del Toro. Extensively researched, and presented in an entertaining and readable fashion synonymous with Noir Publishing, The Golden Labyrinth covers all del Toro’s work to date, but goes further, covering their inspirations, genesis, and production.

Going further than a typical film book, The Golden Labyrinth explores such diverse inspirations as the work of the alchemists that inspired the Cronos Device of del Toro’s full-length debut, the terrible events of the Spanish Civil War that underlay some of his most critically acclaimed work, and the Celtic mythology that provides the beating heart of Hellboy II, to name but three.

• Films include:-
• Hollywood hits Hellboy, Hellboy 2 - The Golden Army & Blade 2
• Epic fantasy on a dizzying scale as revealed in Pan’s Labyrinth
• The subtle chills of The Devil’s Backbone
• Imaginative vampirism in Cronos & voracious insects in Mimic
• Haunting fear & childhood nightmares of The Orphanage
• Animated entries in the Hellboy series & early TV career

Published: 22nd June 2009

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The Dead Walk reviewed in Total Film!

Check out the Total Film on sale Feb 5th for a new review of the zombie tome which the magazine calls "Comprehensive".

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Friday, January 02, 2009

Austin caught in a web!!!

Spiders may not be among this intrepid adventurers favourite creatures but one web he is happy to be tangled up in is his own website now up & running - just point your browser in the direction of www.austinstevens.net for more info.

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