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Friday, November 03, 2006


Dont' call me "shorty" hissed Sheila - well, you wouldn't would you if the Sheila in question is a 16 feet long Burmese python ready for feeding time! Anyway, thanks to some fine wrangling from Tom Wheeler & guys at Rainforest Reptiles in Hazelfield Garden World, Newent, Noir Publishing lived to fight another day. The reason for all this madness? Why, promoting the signature of one Austin J Stevens, intrepid wildlife explorer, adventurer and star of recent Channel 5 TV series, ready to unleash "The Last Snake Man" upon our shores in May 2007. This lavish coffee table book will include details of Austin's many adventures over the years, as well as dispelling some of the mystique that surrounds the reptile kingdom. With photographs culled from some 600 images taken through the Stevens' lens, this will be a must for all extreme wildlife, animal and reptile lovers everywhere.

Look out for regular updates on both the book's progress and that of Austin himself, currently somewhere on expedition in Borneo - gee that guy gets around !

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